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Praise for The Fountain Magazine

Jon Pahl, PhD, The Lutheran Theological Seminary, Philadelphia

Reading The Fountain as a Christian connects me not only to a magazine, but also to a profound metaphor. The Fountain reminds us of our Source, dissolves petty egoist attachments as we learn about our world, and invites us to join the flow of compassionate living.

David D. Perlmutter, PhD, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX

The Fountain is one of those few venues left where you can have that true meeting of minds, where they step back and ask some big philosophical questions about society and faith. It is the kind of a magazine I would recommend to students.

John Davis, US Government, Athens, Alabama

I believe The Fountain and its wide array of articles signifies insight into the value of dialogue. Through its essays I was able to better understand that we all share many, many ways of seeing the world. God has a way of entering our life in many ways, and he often chooses simple means such as a magazine to reveal himself. Through articles in The Fountain we can see that the other person faces the same concerns about life, about family, and about love and friendship as we do. I believe this magazine helps us learn more about each other, and thus it is good.

Meriem Cherid, Biochemisty Student, University of Ottawa

The Fountain brings a spiritual perspective that with every scientific discovery comes a new door of enlightenment and appreciation of The Truth. When reading I remember the sweet feeling that there is a reason for my existence and a message in my life. It’s very inspirational and gives me judicious hope that lightens my life.

Daniel Skubik, PhD, California Baptist University

The essay ‘The Tomorrows of My Dreams’ (Sep-Oct 2021) represents the finest Dreaming, no less akin to the Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime, as well as the many prophetic imageries alive in the words of so many Jewish, Christian and Islamic believers through the ages.

M. Aslam Bhatti, Lahore, Pakistan

I deem The Fountain not a simple magazine but a unique movement in itself, bearing the torch of light to eradicate the darkness of ignorance, division and bigotry. The Fountain addresses the root problems that have been plaguing the humanity in material and spirit.

Honorable Dr. Shukuru Kawamba, Minister of Education and Vocational Training, Tanzania

We in Africa and in the sector of education are so proud of your contribution to the humankind, trying to bring peace and peaceful coexistence between people of different races and different religions, different colors, and different creed around the world through your various works united in your publications, and also in organizing various conferences and meetings which brought people together who discussed peace in the world and between nations.

Eileen Grace Dalusong, M.Div., Toronto South Detention Centre 

I just want to let you know that your magazine, The Fountain, is quite a popular and much-requested periodical here at our jail. The subject matter you cover in the beautifully laid out pages are diverse and written with critical thought which makes it educational for our inmates to read. Thank you.

Rev. Patrick Adam Huey ,

I am a prisoner, who also happens to be a Christian Minister, with a degree in Spiritual Counseling. Yet, I have 25 years of religious research and study under my belt, too! ... I am more or less a truth seeker, freethinker, old Greek Skeptic type of person! I have to say though, I’m very impressed with The Fountain. Never have I read a better religious magazine other than Research News.

Paul Weller, PhD, University of Derby, UK

… [M]any of the organizations inspired by Gülen’s teaching are committed to the promotion of dialogue with Christians, Jews and people of other religious faiths. As an example of this, it should be noted that the Gülen-inspired popular magazine called The Fountain has opened its pages to Christian authors to, among other things, provide an exposition of key texts in the Christian scriptures.

Rabbi Allen Maller, Los Angeles

What I like most about The Fountain magazine is its wide perspective – not just about religion, science, the past or the present, it’s about all of those things. It seeks to bring together in a special, respectful way different people’s insights in the nature of both the material and spiritual world that we live in. The Fountain is an excellent example of, perhaps you might say, the Ottoman ideal, that there is an enrichment that takes place when people of different religions, cultures – not just in the sense of different religions or civilizations; science is a certain kind of a culture, and humanities and religion – contribute in their own way, as in an orchestra where there is one Conductor, but there are many instruments and musicians. The Fountain’s unique contribution is to encourage interaction between different segments of our very complicated and sometimes divisive society.

Bob Butziger, Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of San Jose, California

For the last 47 years in practice both with faith communities and in practice as a therapist, I have searched for materials particularly useful in understanding our differences across different religious lines, and the basic questions that are answered quite clearly and directly by The Fountain. The Fountain is one of the best I have used so far. The magazine definitely offers diverse perspectives and does so in a way that it is non-judgmental, and brings in the latest in scholastic literature. The Fountain has been an important part of my own personal spiritual journey. The human qualities that The Fountain espouses certainly opened up to me and to others I shared the articles with a sense of our commonness as well as our differences.

Wan Mohd Nor Wan Daud, PhD, Universiti Technology Malaysia

All the articles and interviews show respect for knowledge, sciences, hospitality, in a manner that is engaging and friendly to the mind. I pray that this magazine continues to flourish, continues to educate people from all religious persuasions, in a manner that is scientific and spiritually enhancing, and serving all of humanity inshallah.

Azmuddin Ibrahim, PhD, Unisel University, Malaysia

As an academician of a journalism background, I highly respect The Fountain magazine. It is one of the publications which I have noticed to practice true responsible journalism. It is non-polemical, and it does not stress on differences between different parties or beliefs. In style and format, it is universal; thus the topics that are covered fulfill the needs of people with different backgrounds. The Fountain makes sure there is a balanced understanding between science and religion.

Sureyya Cicek, PhD, Monash University

The Fountain reconciles the inner and the outer world and is delivered to the reader in a way that it is easy to follow and benefit. As a teacher at secondary level, The Fountain is a source that I can also use with my students and is very engaging and exciting. In one edition of The Fountain, you can cover the depths of sociology, politics, spirituality, nature, science etc. It is not just a religious oriented magazine, so it caters for more than one kind of audience. The reconcilement of both the spiritual and scientific aspects in The Fountain helps humanity to develop faculties which contribute towards inner and outer peace.

Mahsheed Ansari, PhD, Charles Sturt University

The Fountain signifies my regular source of inspiration, knowledge, spirituality, perfection and enlightenment, that I get with each edition and publication. At a fast-paced world where time is hard to grasp – when other avenues of active learning and reading is not always possible – The Fountain is a great inclusion in my personal connection to knowledge and spirituality in this sense too.

Rev. Deborah Moldow, Somers, NY

I am always impressed by the quality of The Fountain, including the articles, the illustrations, and the deep philosophical musings. The Fountain is indeed a place of refreshment for mind and spirit.